Free your portfolio

We’ve made private investments tradable to give you more control over your investments than ever before.

Access to global, quality deal flow

Choose from our selection of companies from across international markets.

Immediate liquidity via The Marketplace

Trade your investments or buy stakes in listed companies, at a free market price, open 24/7.

Efficient, easy, transparent process

We’ve made investing a simple, transparent process, with built in channels to keep you up to date with your investments.

The Marketplace

Unlock your investments

With our marketplace, you can trade your investments, offering balance to your portfolio and liquidity when you need it. By saying goodbye to frustrating holding periods, you'll be in control of your investments like never before.

Never miss a deal again

Our marketplace allows you to buy stakes in listed companies, at a free market price, offering any investor the opportunity to participate.

Information at a glance

Historical and live trading information is offered alongside company quarterly reports, empowering your investing decisions with relevant company KPIs, metrics and results.

Investment opportunities

Want to see your company here?

It is possible for companies to list directly to the FunderExchange Marketplace without having to raise or issue new shares. Contact us to hear how early investors can gain liquidity and how companies can simplify cap tables and corporate governance.